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Well, well, well

on April 16, 2012

Well, Easter has come and gone “bye-bye Easter bunny”

Although I can honestly say it has left its mark, in the form of a kilogram sitting nicely on my thighs 😛

The kids are back in school today, which means it is the perfect time to reflect on the last couple of weeks. Over the Easter break I tried to stay purposely social media and internet free (ok, not free, but severely limited). It allowed me to spend much more time with the family and really enjoy what was going on around me.

Obviously I spend far too much time on there though, as a friend of mine sent me a message asking if everything was ok, she was worried about me because I had been very quiet on Facebook…. oh dear….

We had a lovely Easter as a family, not doing a lot, but sometimes I think that is best.

We did go out to the Easter Festival held at the Redlands show grounds on Easter Monday though. The event was provided for FREE by the local church groups, and I really to mean free. Free entry, free rides, free food and drink. As you can imagine the queues were a mile long (I do believe we queued for over an hour for the bouncy castle… I kid you not!!) but everyone was in good spirits.

I can only begin to think about the amount of organisation and the numbers of volunteers that would have been needed to make the festival run, so thank you to everyone involved.

What did you get up to over the Easter break?

Back to work for me now, off to train a wonderful group of students for the week. Have a great week!



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