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Are you fed up of large corporations taking over and everything looking the same? I know I am. This blog shares a year in the life of a local family, supporting local living and local businesses.


on February 17, 2012

In an attempt to spice up a trip to fill the pantry today, Little Miss 2 and I went exploring on the way. So we jumped in the car and headed off up through Ormiston to see what we could see. Did you know….

*     There is a brand new store opening in Ormiston called “Chatter Box Toys” opening on Tuesday 21st February.
You can check out there website to see the range they stock.


It will be great to see a new store open in the area, especially one selling quality children’s toys, which is something that was lacking before.

* Ormiston house is a beautiful heritage listed house that just up the road from Cleveland. You can find more details on the beautiful house and gardens here –

Entry costs just $5 for adults and $1 for children. It is open Sunday’s from 12 – 4 and weekdays can be booked for special group visits.


So there you go – our 5 minute mini adventure on the way to grab some fresh fruit and vegetables found some beautiful little spots.

Maybe it is time that you went exploring in your local area. I would love to know what you find…


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