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on February 14, 2012

By mid-morning Sunday the kids were running rampant and we needed to get out of the house to burn off some energy. So we decided to head to Coochiemudlo Island (Coochie) for lunch.

I packed a bag with some drinks, their swimming costumes and some towels and off we went. The Coochie ferry leaves from Victoria Point and is only a 15 min drive from our place, so it wasn’t long before we were finding a car park and heading down towards the jetty.


The yellow mountains you can see in the background are the sand dunes of Stradbroke Island (we will visit there in the future)

From the mainland all you can see of Coochie are the trees and the beach, and in all honesty there is little more. Coochie has a population of around 700, a small corner store/fish and chip shop and an all important golf course. It is a beautiful little community.

Once we reached the Island the kids spent some time playing at the park before we headed down to the beach. Unfortunately due to high tide, there was little sand for all those important things like building sand castles, but the kids had a great time in the water still.
There are volunteer life guards on duty, so you have peace of mind while you are there.

After the beach we headed off to grab some lunch from the small fish and chip shop, then started to walk around the island. The path that leads around the island is only 5km in length and makes a lovely walk… however, Little Miss 2 had fallen asleep in my arms after about 500m and Little Mr 3 requested a piggy back ride not long after. We didn’t make it the whole way, but turned to head back instead.

With the kids well and truly exhausted we headed back towards the boat for the short trip home. It was hard to believe, after 10years in the area, that I had never visited Coochie before.


2 responses to “Coochiemudlo

  1. Sounds gorgeous and I was looking for something different to do this weekend! Thanks Sam!

  2. Sarah says:

    Looks like it was a beautiful day! You should take G&A there 🙂

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