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Pink Pamper Packs

on February 3, 2012

Today I went and spent the morning with the beautiful ladies from Pink Pamper Pack – (

“A Pink Pamper Pack (PPP) is a beautifully presented gift pack designed to spoil a Woman Struggling  through difficult times and is in need of pampering. It is a combination of  beauty products, vouchers, decadent food and other items which bring joy to the  face of a woman who is struggling. ”

PPP are committed to helping women in times of hardship and providing support. Make sure you go to their website and connect with them on Facebook to see just what they are up to.

This morning volunteers were creating the Pamper Packs ready to go out to local women in need. This little bundles of joy contain all sorts of little things including a mini bottle of champagne, chocolates, soaps, make up, tea, coffee, notepad, pen, face washer and lots, lots more.

Each little package is the wrapped, ready to be given away. The Pink Pamper Pack ladies are always on the look out for nominations, ladies in need who could do with a little joy in their day. Just check their website for the criteria.

The little packs look beautiful all lined up and ready to go. Make sure that you head over to their website ( and their Facebook page to support them on their mission to support local women.

Thank you Pink Pamper Pack Ladies for letting me stop in this morning to help with your packing and wrapping – I love what you are doing!

If you know of any other amazing local businesses, services, charities or places make sure you let me know in the comments below. They might just appear in the next Support Local Living Blog.


One response to “Pink Pamper Packs

  1. Katrina says:

    Thanks so much for coming along this morning Sam, it was a great to catch up with you again. What you are doing is simple amazing and to be congradulated. Think I might just need to follow in your footseps 🙂

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