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Are you fed up of large corporations taking over and everything looking the same? I know I am. This blog shares a year in the life of a local family, supporting local living and local businesses.


on January 31, 2012

I hate to share bad news, but I have to get this off my chest.

Today I had planned to share with you some beautiful photos of a little store I had spotted. It sits just outside of the centre of town, so I hadn’t noticed it until recently. I loved what they had done with the signage and off I went with my camera and high hopes. I was going to bring you something really special…

But once again I have been disappointed. I am not going to tell you what the store was, or what they sold, nor am I going to share any beautiful photos, because I didn’t take any.

You see, I went into the store full of hope and excitement, ready to share my journey with them and was completely ignored. Despite spending 10 minutes perusing the stock (which was beautiful) the team member didn’t even raise their eyes from what they were doing. I would have appreciated even eye contact and a smile, but I didn’t even get that…

So today I set you a challenge…

Firstly, if you love a local business let them know. Tell them they have great products, service etc

Secondly, if you don’t love them, let them know. Businesses can’t change if they don’t know there’s a problem (and trust me, most of the time they have no idea)

So off you go – challenge set! (Hopefully you share more happy news than bad!)


15 responses to “Really?!

  1. Wow someone needs to get fired….or moved to the back room.

    I would rather an employee that talked too much. At least customers would feel noticed and cared for. I worked in a tiny downtown retail shop.

    It was in a section of an old Victorian era house. Too small to not speak to a shopper.

    One question however…did you speak to the staff person?

    • samnordberg says:

      Normally I would have, but i must admit I was too frustrated at this point and just left… I will send feedback though!

      I love the sound of the tiny retail store where you worked 🙂

  2. marinaarthy says:

    You are SO right, Sam. Service can make or break a business. How disappointing! Now you MUST send them a copy of your blog so they can learn from their mistakes. That is a really useful way to support a local business – isn’t that what you wanted all this month?

  3. Love what you’re doing here, Sam. What a shame about this particular experience. Definitely their loss. Yes, I too much prefer to support a local business, even if it costs me more to use them. However, poor service is such a let down when encountered. Cheers, Thea

  4. Lynette says:

    I find customer service in my local independent stores to be fantastic. The larger chains such as Co Op and One Stop are dreadful.

    • samnordberg says:

      Awesome Lynette, I’m glad that you get great service. I often find great service in my locals, I think that was part of the reason I felt more let down this time, because I had high expectation.

  5. I live in an area with loads of independent stores and businesses. Some are fantastic, others are like your experience this morning. Unfortunately, it only takes one bad visit to put people off, especially when there is so much competition. I agree with Marina, share your observations with them, so they can learn.

    • samnordberg says:

      Hey Charlie,

      It sounds like you have some great choices in your area. I fully agree, it only takes one bad experience to push people back to the big chain stores. So disappointing.

  6. Linda Ursin says:

    I do my best to support local businesses. I praise the ones I love, and recommend them to people I knkow, and I will speak out against those I don’t on my blog. I’ve also created an album on FB for recommended businesses where I promote the good ones.

    • samnordberg says:

      Hey Linda,

      It’s great to see you are so proactive about supporting local businesses 🙂 well done. I love most of my local businesses, I hate to have to write negative blogs like this one, but some things just have to be said.
      Thanks for taking the time to comment.

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