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Simple things in life

on January 21, 2012

Sometimes it’s the simple things that make life worth living…

While I love my community and the range of activities available to me, just like everyone else I have days when I don’t want to leave the couch. I’d had a long week, the kids were up early and it’s just too much hassle to go very far.

Being an active part of your local community isn’t all about going out and spending money, there are steps to take much closer to home.

Do you know your neighbours? I mean really know, not just nod and wave when heading to the car in the morning! Do you know their name, their kid’s birthdays and where they grew up?

These may seem like a silly question, but trust me I have a point. I’ve mentioned recently that supporting your local community businesses often requires some planning. When you run out of bread at 8:30pm the local bakers is often closed (and yes, the large supermarket is still open, but I’m trying really hard not to go there). No matter how well planned you think you are, we all have those moments where you open the cupboard to get something out and find that someone else has eaten it.

Knowing your neighbours brings you back to the good old days of being able to ask for a cup of sugar (or in my case last week – cat food!).

So this lazy Saturday afternoon I enjoyed one of the simple pleasures in life – drink and nibbles with the neighbours. Take a plate and a glass, let the kids run around, and sit and chat.

So your challenge this week is to get to know your neighbours. Support those around you, look out for each other and start acting as a community, together!


2 responses to “Simple things in life

  1. Great post Sam… I have amazing neighbours in fact I live in an amazing street.. we regularly have drinks with the neighbours in fact we sometimes socialise with our neighbours more than our friends and lets face it no arguments over whose indulging in a few drinks and whose driving home. LOL!

  2. samnordberg says:

    oh so true Julianne 🙂 Love it!

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