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Are you fed up of large corporations taking over and everything looking the same? I know I am. This blog shares a year in the life of a local family, supporting local living and local businesses.

Doing more…

on January 19, 2012

Ok, so if you haven’t worked it out by now (although I hope you have…) I am extremely passionate about my local area and the businesses inside it. I am a business coach by trade so I know a good business when I come across it, and trust me when I say we have some great ones here.

In fact, this was why I started this blog. To share with the world just how much passion and enthusiasm I have and just how many wonders are often sitting on our front door step, right under our noses.

But I want to do so much more – just sharing is no longer enough. I can help these areas and these businesses thrive. If like me are you fed up of being bombarded with TV advertising and piles of brochures in the mail from the same large companies continually, then it is time to make a stand.

I decided to create an event called “Loud and Local”…

I want to bring together passionate local business owners from communities all over Australia, people who are proud of their business, proud of their local area and are ready to stand and fight for it. I want to fill a room with committed, enthusiastic people, people who are ready to lead a revolution and make a change.

More than that, I want to share with them 3 steps that are going to help them stand strong and united against the big boys… 3 steps to achieve amazing results.

So why am I telling you this….

Because 1 person doesn’t make a revolution and I need your help. If you are a local business owner then sign up for Loud and Local using the link below. Tickets are only $29! If you are already busy that night or live too far away, grab a “Fly on the Wall” ticket which gets you a video of the event and all the great stuff we learnt.

If you are not a business owner…. I still need YOU! Firstly, I need you to share this event with businesses that you love, tell them all about the revolution and get them to hop on board. If you love their business, then the last thing you want is to see them close their doors – they need this!Secondly, continue to support your local area. Buy from local businesses, find local produce and use the local facilities provided to you.

We can make a change, but I can’t do it alone – I need you!


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