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Rain, rain go away

on January 16, 2012

After the heat wave late last week, Queensland has been hit with grey skies and wet weather for the last 2 days, which prompted me to think – just what can you do on a rainy day. The picture below was taken on the last day of my weekend away with hubby and the kids (as always – I swear it waits until I go away before it rains!)


So just what can you do on a rainy day…

– Head to the movies

– Enjoy at home movies, from your own collection or from the local video shop.

– Visit a local art gallery or museum
( )

– Stay home and plan you sunny day activities (this helps me when I am feeling down about the rain)


… Or if you are like me – spend the day at work 😦  (Not quite so much fun, but at least it was dry)

I would love to hear how you entertain yourself on rainy days – feel free to leave a comment below or head to our Facebook page.


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