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The good, the bad and the ugly…

on January 15, 2012

… without the good!

I need to have a little rant and rave today so hang in there… we’ll get back to beautiful pictures and yummy food tomorrow.  (Plus I had to find a reason to share this picture of “angry baby” – haha)

Today I need to share with you an experience I had in a local butchers. I’m not going to name names, and I was over 4oo km from my normal butcher, but it really proved a point.

Firstly, the butchers and poor lighting and shocking signage in the front windows, so it was very difficult to tell if it was open or not (not a great look if you are actually hoping to get customers through your front doors!) Onedside of the front doors was locked, but after getting in through the other side hubby was met with a very stern looking face, who informed him that they were closing soon.

Now this is something that makes me very angry – you are either open or closed. The average sale in a butchers must take no more than 5 minutes, so if you want my money let me in and be pleasant, if you don’t lock your doors and put up the closed sign, but don’t treat your customers poorly.

From there on in the transaction went from bad to worse, as no less than 6 team members stood and watched on, offering no assistance at all. Hubby left buying much less than he intended (I’m impressed he didn’t storm out in a fit of rage in all honesty).

But I’m actually thankful that it happened, as it proves a very valid point. It todays market, there is so much range and so much choice you should be thankful that customers have taken the time to stop by your business. When I speak of supporting local businesses, don’t offer your support blindly. Support those who offer great service, value for money and something unique!

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2 responses to “The good, the bad and the ugly…

  1. Hi Sam

    That’s definately my approach. I don’t see why I should spend money in a place where they provide poor service. I’d rather reward local services who provide a friendly or helpful customer service. It’s funny, I hear of so many small businesses that are struggling at the moment but then some of them don’t seem to make much of an effort to provide a decent service.

  2. Seba Silver says:

    I am constantly amazed by terrible service. Smiling and helping the customers is the job, I have met some amazing people in our store and only once wanted to ask someone to leave but kept smiling (just!!). Love that you are supporting local & love the angry baby photo!

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