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Day 5 and failed…

on January 6, 2012

Ok, well not quite… but it would have been much easier.

So, today was my daughters 2nd birthday (I swear she is 2 going on 13 though – when I tried to wake her up the other morning she told me “go way – I’m angry at you”)
I really wanted to get her a lovely wooden play kitchen, not one of those cheap plasticky ones, but a decent wooden one. This is where all the troubles started. I couldn’t find a locally owned toy store that sold one that was high enough (Keira is quite tall for her age). The large national chains like Kmart and Big W sell them, but i couldn’t get it from there so i was stuck.

So as not to break my challenge… we made one (luckily i have a talented hubby) I must admit, we are running a little behind schedule and it wasn’t ready for the morning of her birthday, but it will be ready by her birthday party.

This is the early building stages. Timber came from the local hardware store. So as not to let her older  brother (3) feel left out, on the far left you can see a board we made for him to play with his army men.

Part way through the painting process. It was incredibly hot today, which caused the paint to dry so quickly that the push was leaving pull marks. After a 2nd coat it turned out much better.

So this is it – not quite finished. I still want to put a curtain under the sink area over on the right, and build runners into the middle so that it will hold the plastic storage containers for her toys, but almost there.

I would be interested to know if there was a locally owned toy store in the Redlands area that sold wooden kitchens – it’s too late now, but it definitely shows that we are so unaware of what is around us and we are so easily swayed by the big flashy ads of the national chain stores.

Don’t forget – i am always looking for inspiration. If you know of a local place you would like us to check out, or a great local business we can visit, let me know.


3 responses to “Day 5 and failed…

  1. Stefan says:

    lol, good stuff sam. keep it coming 😉

  2. Good for you! Brilliant way of meeting your challenge, I love it. Can your husband come and do some shelving in my house please!

    • samnordberg says:

      Thanks Charlie, i must admit this one was a bit of a test. (plus i think this is the first project in my hosue that has actually been finished, so i’m not sure that he would be any help at all doing shelves 😛 )

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