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Bubz in Bloom

on January 5, 2012

Went out for a walk early this morning with my neighbour (I’ll share more about that with you at a later day.. it’s a great idea), packed the little ones off to day care and started to get some work done.

Fairly standard day really… but I wanted to share with you what I found at lunchtime 🙂

Tomorrow, my youngest turns 2… And being the completely unorganised mother that I am, I had to nip out at lunchtime to pick up some presents (I hope that it’s not just me that seems to leave things til the last-minute)

I must admit I was struggling – having committed to shop local, I tried the high street first, but there are no toy stores. I nipped into the local baby store to see if they had any ideas for a 2-year-old.

“We have a night-light room” Karen said

A night-light room? A whole room dedicated to night lights! I stuck my head in and was taken back by just how beautiful a little dark room full of lights can be. There were lights in every shape, size and colour you could ever imagine. String lights, shaped lights, battery operated and plug-in… what a great idea.

I ended up with a string of LED crystal lights to hang around her room – I’ll share photos with you after she’s opened them and they are up, but for the time being here they are…

I guess what I was really reminded of, is that there is so much hiding in our local area that people just don’t know about. Not only was Bubz in Bloom offering a great range of baby products, but there was the most beautiful night-light room, with lights that would suit all ages, and I never even knew it was there.

So before you jump in the car and head off to the “just like all the others” shopping centre, check out your local area, and see what little gems are hiding that you never knew were there.

Dont forget – we are always looking for great local places or businesses to visit. Where would you like us to go over the next 366 days?


7 responses to “Bubz in Bloom

  1. Madonna says:

    Great idea to shop locally. Saves petrol too. 365 days might be a challenge. But, you’ll develop more ideas as you go.


    • samnordberg says:

      To start with I really thought it would be difficult, but I am starting to realise there is a lot around that I don’t even know about.

      Thanks for reading 🙂

  2. Julianne Davies says:

    Sam, thanks for this post, I have been looking for a night light for my little boy! Also I would love to know of some hidden gems for clothes shopping.. would love to hear some suggestions!

  3. Cindy Lee says:

    I bought a ladybug night light from Bubz in Bloom and my girls love it !!!! Karen always has what I need for my girls !!!

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